Stuffed tomatoes from Cédric Hervet

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Cooking with open door. 


9 big tomatoes from the garden
600 g sausage meat
2 cloves of garlic candied in the oven
A piece of crumbled sourdough bread
1 onion
2 eggs
1 bunch of flat-leaf parsley
Chilli (optional)
A generous handful of rice to cook in the bottom of the dish with the tomato juice.

Preparation : 

Scoop out the pulp of the tomatoes and slice onions and place them in a pan and sweat them.

In a deep dish, mix by hand :
Sausage meat
Chopped parsley
Adjust the seasoning of the raw mix if necessary (the sausage meat is already salty).
2/3 of the sweated tomatoes and onions

Stuff the tomatoes with the mixture and add a tablespoon of tomato onion on top.

Place the lids onto the tomatoes .

Add the rice to the bottom of the dish and a glass of water.

Cook at 200 °C for 45 minutes as I do in a wood-fired oven. (You have to rotate the dish during cooking to get an even baking under the flame).

Enjoy your meal



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