The 100% BIGA Pizza dough over 24 hours

Recipe of pizza dough BIGA 100% protocol on 24H by Cédric Hervet (Facebook groups Pain au levain & Co, Four à bois & Co and Passion cuisine & Co).

Recipe for a Pizza, you will just have to multiply by the number of pizzas desired.

Ingredients :

You will need : 

For the preparation BIGA: 

  • Water: 71g.
  • Baker's yeast : 0,8g.
  • W300 flour: 162g.

For the preparation of the pizza dough:

  • Water: 21g.
  • Another portion of water: 21g.
  • Yeast: 0,33g.
  • Salt: 4g.

Preparations :

Step 1: The BIGA Preparation: 

  1. Dissolve the yeast in the water (Do not put it directly into the flour).
  2. Incorporate the whole of the flour in the water
  3. Mix the whole delicately without kneading, so as to obtain rather fine pieces. The objective here is just to mix the water and flour together (the result should look like a crumble).
  4. Put the BIGA in a bowl, cover so that there is a slight passage of air so that the BIGA does not swell and let rest for 16 to 19 hours at 19 ° C maximum (if the indoor temperature is higher (about 23 ° C) observe a rest of 6 hours at room temperature, then 10h in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Preparation of the pizza dough.

  1. In a bowl of the kneading melt the salt in 21 g of water. 
  2. Add the BIGA in pieces, and begin to incorporate (water + salt) to the kneader slow speed. 
  3. Dissolve the yeast in a bowl with 21 g of water.
  4. Once the BIGA is absorbed (water+salt), gradually add the water and yeast. 
  5. Continue kneading on speed 2 (10 minutes). 
  6. Observe a resting time of 15 minutes, then proceed to divide into 280 g dough pieces.
  7. Put the dough pieces in an oiled container away from the air.
  8. For 5h at 19 degrees, or if the room temperature is higher, 2h in the refrigerator then 3h at room temperature.
  9. The pizzas are now ready to be baked. 

Bonus and tips : 

  • The pizza is spread by hand from the center to the outside (but be careful not to crush the edges).
  • Use fine semolina to roll out the pizza, not flour. This helps the pizza roll out well and adds crispness.
  • For the temperature: Above 430 °c you gain 30 % honeycomb.

Bon appétit... and go here to discover all our recipe ideas with a wood-fired-oven!

Good to know: if you are lucky enough to have a garden, you can reuse the cooled ashes in your vegetable garden or at the foot of your rose bushes. Ashes are rich in elements that promote plant growth.


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