The charm and authenticity of cooking over a wood fire

Grand-Mère is the French specialist in wood-fired ovens for individuals and professionals alike. We manufacture ancient ovens made from fire bricks or refractory chamotte with a 10-year guarantee for individual users.

Savour the incomparable taste of wood-fired cooking and enjoy the spectacular sight of the flames with those you love.

A Grand-Mère oven is the recipe to rediscover the good times!

Cooking with a wood fire is easy



Tarts flambé and pizzas in 1 to 3 minutes



Meat, fish and vegetables in 4 to 6 minutes



Fine homemade bread in 30 to 40 minutes



Gratins, lasagne and stews in 30 to 90 minutes



Gigots, ducks and vegetables in 3 to 6 hours



Meat and fish in 6 to 12 hours

Oven for individuals

Treat yourself at home or in the garden !

Oven for professionals

Dedicated ovens for artisans and restaurateurs !

Our equipment
and accessories for ovens

Setting up equipments

Coverings, supports, doors...

Baking accessories

Pizza cooking sets, pizza peels, bread peels...

Culinary potteries

For gattings and stews that are as good as your grandmother's

Kitchen utensils

Chopping boards, dishes, banneton bread baskets...

Four Grand-Mère

The French leader in flame cooking

Manufactured in the heart of the Vosges with our unique know-how, such as hand- made briquettes and rotary ovens with rotating plates, our ovens are exported all over the world. Did you know that the largest pizza oven in the world was made in our workshop? This extraordinary oven is capable of cooking up to 1800 pizzas over a wood-burning fire in one hour! Our integrated design office can meet the most demanding requests and produce custom-made ovens, based on your manufacturing needs and the planned installation in your premises.

How to install a Grand-Mère oven?

All our wood-burning ovens can be delivered in an easy-to-assemble kit or installed on site by one of our approved distributors in France and abroad. We also offer turnkey ovens with a very innovative design such as Alfred. You can also opt for one of our resin, stainless steel or powder coated steel oven casing designs.

Excellence of french Know-How

Four Grand-Mère has been awarded the label “ The living heritage company”. The label rewards companies for their rare expertise or excellence or know-how in the area of craft or industry.

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