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Pizza ovens for professionals


Four Grand-Mère, a French manufacturer of professional ovens, offers dozens of models of pizza ovens, in brick or refractory chamotte. Thanks to our ovens, you can enjoy incomparable cooking quality and prepare delicious pizzas that are both soft and crispy!

Each of our pizza ovens comes with a range of options, to meet the needs of every professional:

  • . Wood-fired, gas-fired or mixed.
  • . Static or rotating floor, with or without individual rotating plates.
  • . For fixed floor ovens, cooking chamber surface area from 0.70 to 3.25 m².
  • . For ovens with a rotating floor, floor diameter from 0.85 to 1.40 m.
  • . For ovens with a rotating floor and rotating trays, tray diameter from 32 to 47 cm.

If you're a catering professional planning to set up or take over a pizzeria, we've provided some initial advice on how to choose the right pizza oven. Feel free to contact our sales department, whose experience will be invaluable in helping you bring your project to fruition.

How should you power your pizza oven: wood, gas or a combination?

When choosing how to power your pizza oven, you need to take into account a number of factors, such as 

. The staff, level of skill and training of your kitchen staff.

. Your marketing targets. Do your customers really want to enjoy a wood-fired pizza?

. The price and ease of supply of each type of energy.

The wood-fired pizza oven

The traditional oven par excellence, the wood-fired oven lets you enjoy the precious appellation of pizza cooked over a wood fire. With energy prices under severe pressure, wood prices are also becoming increasingly attractive.

Wood does, however, entail some real constraints in terms of maintenance: managing and storing the stock of logs, cleaning up and disposing of the ashes, etc.

If you're delegating some or all of the pizza baking, you'll also need to find a pizza chef who can build a fire and manage the temperature of a wood-fired oven.

Gas pizza oven

This type of oven will distinguish itself in ease of maintenance and use. Thanks to automated heating management, pizzas cook perfectly evenly, regardless of who is in front of the oven.

With its large flame, the gas oven is also visually very similar to a wood-fired oven. However, the term "wood-fired pizza" is outlawed.

Finally, you'll need to keep an eye on gas prices, which have risen sharply recently.

Combination pizza oven (wood and gas)

The great advantage of the combi oven is that it frees the pizza maker from the chore of heating the oven. There are several options for baking the pizzas themselves:

You can bake the pizzas using wood only, to benefit from the marketing impact of wood-fired cooking.

Or cook the pizzas using gas only, for optimum cooking (texture of the dough, gratin, etc.).

Or opt for combined wood and gas cooking. The customer enjoys the spectacle of the flame, but as the temperature is programmed automatically, the pizzas are cooked perfectly evenly.

Traditional pizza oven, with a rotating floor or rotating trays?

The oven with a fixed floor

The traditional oven for baking tasty pizzas is the Roman oven. This is a wood-fired oven with a fixed floor, where the flame is fed directly into the baking room.

With this type of oven, however, you need to turn the pizza very frequently to prevent it burning close to the flame. Robust and versatile, this oven is ideal for small and medium-sized pizzerias, where you can bake pizzas, bread, lasagne and all the essential dishes of Italian cuisine.

The pizza oven with rotating floor

Much more modern, the pizza oven with rotating floor makes the pizza maker's work much easier. To avoid a lot of fiddling, the floor turns on itself at a fairly high speed, driven by a programmable electric motor. This process guarantees perfect pizza baking.

The pizza oven with rotating hearth and turntables

The oven with rotating hearth and rotating trays combines authenticity, cooking quality and productivity! In this type of oven, the rotating floor turns slowly on itself, while the individual trays rotate much faster. Thanks to this double planetary movement, all the pizza chef has to do is load and unload the pizzas, which no longer have to be turned by hand.

With a baking capacity of 50 to 150 pizzas per hour, their output is comparable to that of a conveyor oven. These models, produced exclusively by Four Grand-Mère, are designed for large pizzerias.

Other essential questions to ask when choosing a professional pizza oven

You need to calculate the maximum number of pizzas you can cook at peak times, during the "rush". You also need to consider the diameter of the pizzas and the size of your team. Will you be alone in front of the oven, or assisted by one or more pizza makers?

With all these factors in mind, our sales department will guide you in choosing the oven model and dimensions best suited to your ambitions and budget!


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Bread ovens with lateral or inferior firebox set below the oven...Our ovens made of refractory materials allow you to bake your bread in an optimal way.

All our ovens are direct-fired, this type of heating confers the appelation "bread baked over a woof fire"

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