Domestic wood ovens

Our domestic wood-fired ovens

With the Grand-Mère wood-fired oven, unveil your talents as a great chef and treat your love ones.    

Depending on the type of oven you choose, you can bake bread, pizzas, grills but also vegetable gratins or simmered, smoked or dried dishes.

Our domestic wood fired ovens are guaranteed for 10 years.

Pizza and barbecue ovens

The Flamme and Grand Flamme wood-fired ovens are ideal for flame cooking : grill skewer, plancha, pizza and flam cooking...

Design ovens

These turnkey ovens combine the pleasure of traditional wood-fired cooking with surprisingly modern lines. Indoors and outdoors, Alf, Fred and Alfred will delight you in all seasons.

Alfred received two awards at the time of its creation:

  • at the national level by the ACPI : "The observeur of design (label 2019)"
  • at the international level by the A'Design Award & Competition: Silver A' Design Award in 2019.

Traditional ovens

Traditional ovens can bake everything : bread, pizzas, grills, stews and even become a smoking chamber or a dryer.

These ovens are a solid value in our catalogue, timeless and versatile.

Raised ovens

The vault  is raised by 7.5 cm height to cook easily whole piglets or large terrines.

Double-door ovens

Enjoy your oven twice as often thanks to a second door at 90°, 135° or 180° to the main door. This allows you to access your wood-fired oven from two different locations , either from inside the house or from outside.

Cart Ovens

Delivered assembled and including the finishing, our mobile wood-fired ovens can change location over the seasons. Materials we use are frost-proof and you can worry-free install it outdoors. In the garden, by the swimming-pool, or on the terrace, the choice is yours.