The advantages of Grand-Mère wood-burning ovens

A Grand-Mère wood-burning oven is a sustainable investment which not only enhances your habitat but one which you will be happy to pass down through the generations. These are the main advantages of our wood-burning ovens.

Wonderful versatility for beautiful gourmet days

In all Grand-Mère ovens, you can do rapid cooking, open door cooking, or lighter closed hearth cooking. A Grand-Mère wood-burning oven is an all-in-one oven with multiple functions:

  • Bread baking oven
  • Oven for pizzas and tarts flambées
  • Plancha type cooking on the base
  • Barbecue and grill with no burnt fat
  • Traditional oven for cooking gratins, simmered dishes or papillote
  • Fish or meat smoker
  • Herb, fruit, vegetable dryer

Heavy-duty wood-burning ovens designed to last

  • You can install your Grand-Mère oven outdoors, even if the winters are harsh in your area. It's not afraid of frost or snow.
  • The refractory materials used are resistant to a temperature of 1250°C.
  • We use only noble and durable materials which ensure an exceptional service life for all our ovens.
  • Our ovens for individual use come with a 10-year guarantee (5 years for the professional range). What's more, the first ovens manufactured by Grand-Mère more than 40 years ago are still going strong!

Very fast heating and exceptional inertia

  • Thanks to its parabolic shape and its ultra-performing insulation, a Grand-Mère oven is very fuel-efficient. You can reduce wood consumption by at least 30% compared to a conventional wood-burning oven. For example in our Campagnard oven, 10 kg of dry wood is sufficient to obtain a uniform heat of 300°C.
  • Low vault and high-performance insulation also reduce heating time. Preheating the Alfred oven takes 30 to 45 minutes, the same as for a barbecue.

  • A distinguishing feature of Grand-Mère ovens is their high thermal inertia. They stay warm for a very long time, even when the fire has gone out. With a single batch of wood, you can cook an impressive number of dishes in succession. If you start cooking in the morning, the base will still be hot enough the next day for you to toast the breakfast bread!

100% French eco-friendly manufacturing

  • Our materials come only from France and we prefer local suppliers. Wherever possible we buy certified products. The robust Douglas Pine used for the base of our design ovens is labelled PEFC, for example.
  • The materials employed in the construction of the furnaces are inert and non-polluting.
  • Our ovens are handmade in our workshops in Jeanménil (Vosges).
  • Wood is clean and renewable energy. It does not deplete the planet's reserves and its combustion does not contribute to global warming.

Easy to maintain wood-burning ovens

  • A Grand-Mère wood-burning oven requires very little maintenance. Every time you cook, the oven cleans itself thanks to the natural pyrolysis of the flame.
  • To limit the cleaning of the glass door, the Alfred range of ovens and some of our professional models make very clever use of the Venturi effect. Thanks to a small draught of air beneath the door, the smoke comes close to the window, but does not settle on the glass. In this way clogging is greatly reduced.

Wood-burning ovens are easy to assemble and disassemble

  • When you receive your delivery, it contains all the items necessary for assembly. In addition to the pre-assembled parts, you will find a detailed installation manual and easy-to-make water-based grout. You don't need cement or concrete to install the vault and floor.
  • All our oven models are supplied as a kit (between 3 and 6 pieces), with the exception of La Carriole which is already assembled. It's no problem to get them through doors. In addition, should you move home, our ovens are easy to disassemble and reassemble, even several times if necessary!

Do you have any further questions about the benefits of our wood-burning ovens? Call our customer service. They will gladly answer all your questions!