How we make our ovens

Our manufacturing method brings together tradition and innovation...

Four à boisThe materials we use :

Brick, for esthetic reasons and because of its resistance to thermal shock.

The "chamotte" this refractory rock mixed with alumina-fortified cement and reinforced with metal fibers is the base of our refractory concrete.

matériauxThe concrete withstands the temperature of over 1250°C and the metal fibers prevent the oven from cracking and fissuring.
Each material is tested to make sure it is not harmful and fully operational for baking.

Your oven will last for generations.

The form :

Thanks to the particular shape, our wood fired ovens Grand-Mere are internationally renowned as the most energy efficient.  

Round and low, the Four Grand-Mere oven guarantees perfect harmony of the cooking process , efficient heat radiation and it is easy to use.

Formes de fours     

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