Fred: design wood oven in kit form 

10 year warranty

For example, Fred can bake :

  • 2 Ø 28 cm
  • 3 Ø 30 cm
  • 3 kg of

The pleasure of maintenance-free flame cooking

With Fred, you choose much more than a designer wood-burning oven. It's like inviting a real chef into your home!
Fred's contemporary design and very modern lines hide a huge range of innovations allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of cooking over a wood fire with ease.

This wood-burning oven lets the whole world enjoy the taste of delicious grilled meats, pizzas and tarts flambées. But Fred has many other talents! He also knows how to bake bread, casseroles, confits, dried vegetables, etc.
His very low refractory chamotte vault offers excellent heart radiation and inertia. In other words, this oven rises quickly in temperature and remains hot for a long time.

Fred lets you enjoy the inimitable taste of effortless wood-fire cooking. This oven cleans itself every time you use it with the natural pyrolysis of the flame. Just a little brush at the end of cooking, and the oven floor is perfectly clean.

To make your life easier, Fred also has some hidden tips… even in his door. Made of glazed cast iron, the door closes with a single movement and is very easy to maintain. Thanks to a small stream of air that wafts in from underneath, the smoke swirls inside the oven as it approaches the glass, but does not cling to it. Result: the door attracts very little dirt and requires almost no maintenance.

Fred, a wood-fired oven kit that is easy to install and assemble

Fred is delivered to you as a very easy to assemble kit. It takes only half a day to 3 to assemble it. Grand-Mère has planned for everything inside the packaging, even including the assembly grout. The assembly does not require cement or concrete.

This wood-burning oven is also very easy to set up. Its 3 solid fir adjustable feet guarantee perfect isostatic support on any flat, unfurnished ground (paved terrace, slabs, gravel path, etc.). Again, no masonry work is involved.

Are you considering a move? Grand-Mere has thought of everything. Like our ovens for professionals, Fred can be disassembled and reassembled very easily to follow you everywhere!

The characteristics of Fred, wood-burning oven with tripod in solid PEFC fir

  • Internal vault and base made of refractory chamotte: thickness 4 cm
  • Outer dimensions : W = 0.98 m  D = 1.00 m H = 2.18 m 
  • Interior diameter : 70 cm

  • Cooking room surface : 0.37 m²

  • Weight of the parcel including the equipment : 240 kg

ref : F700DF 

The equipments delivered with the oven

  • Insulation including thick mineral wool and thick vermiculite plate made in France
  • Cast iron damper
  • Supporting platform in metal on tripod in solid fir with jacks for better adjusting
  • Glazed cast iron door
  • Upper shell
  • Finishing necklace
  • Double coating exhaust pipe and its swivelling and removable hat
  • Assembly grout
  • Assembly instructions
  • Use and recipe book   


Guarantee and after-sales service

The floor and the vault of the Fred oven are guaranteed for 10 years for domestic normal use throughout the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. For further inquiries or recommended use, do contact us, or one of our authorised dealers.

Available as an option

  • Designer ash box attached to the front panel to gather embers and ashes from the oven.
  • Pack "Pratique"with chopping board/removable tray attached to the front panel and high temperature laser thermometer
  • Pack "Gourmet" with a waiter for 5 items, wooden spatula and ash bin
  • Pack "Mijote" with one insulating door and an ash bin
  • Fireguard, to save on cooking space and improve wood combustion.

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