Alf, a design wood-burning oven for indoor and outdoor use 

10 year warranty

For example, Alf can bake :

  • 2 Ø 28 cm
  • 3 Ø 30 cm
  • 3 kg of

A combination of technologies and original design

Alf is the most recent child of the Fours Grand-Mère family. It combines tradition and innovation to help you discover the pleasure of cooking over a wood fire in complete safety.
Alf is reminiscent of a designer barbecue and lets you cook over a wood fire in all manner of ways, both with open or closed hearths:

  • bread
  • pizzas and tarts flambées
  • La plancha style stone cooking and grilled meats
  • gratins and casseroles
  • pastries

To help you discover the pleasure of cooking over a wood fire, Grand-Mère has condensed the best of its know-how under Alf's sleek and very modern shell.

You can enjoy the spectacular sight of its flames at all times through its glazed cast iron door. And what's more, this glazed cast iron door is virtually maintenance-free. The clever use of the Venturi effect prevents clogging.

Alf also benefits from reinforced mineral wool and vermiculite insulation. This double insulation guarantees you ultra-powerful heat radiation inside without the risk of burns outside. In this way, you consume very little wood. The refractory chamotte roof and base heat up in just 30 to 45 minutes. Just enough time for an aperitif!

Don't wait any longer to share your cooking skills with those you love!

A wood-burning oven that can be installed or integrated indoors and outdoors

With its serious but ultra-modern appearance, Alf can very easily be placed or integrated on any work place, in a veranda, summer kitchen ...

If you have no stand, we may offer you the concrete stand suitable for Alf.

You can install Alf safely outdoors. Made in France, in the Vosges, with very high quality materials, Alf is a robust wood-burning oven that does not fear rain or frost.

Perhaps a model with a base might seem more suitable to you? In the family of design ovens, Grand-Mère can offer two other models based on a solid fir plinth, Fred and Alfred.

The characteristics of Alf, table-top oven with metal support

  • Diameter of the pipe : 155 mm
  • Internal vault and base made of refractory chamotte: thickness 4 cm
  • Outer dimensions : W = 0.95 m  D = 0.92 m H = 0.52 m 
  • Interior diameter : 70 cm

  • Cooking room surface : 0.37 m²

  • Weight of the parcel including the equipment : 215 kg

ref : F700DA

The equipment delivered with the oven

  • Insulation including thick mineral wool and thick vermiculite plate made in France
  • Cast iron damper
  • Supporting platform in metal
  • Glazed cast iron door
  • Upper shell
  • Finishing necklace
  • Assembly grout
  • Assembly instructions  
  • Use and recipe book

Guarantee and after-sales service

The floor and the vault of the Alf oven are guaranteed for 10 years for domestic normal use throughout the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. For further inquiries or recommended use, do contact us, or one of our authorised dealers.

Available as an option

  • Designer ash box attached to the front panel to gather embers and ashes from the oven.
  • Pack "Pratique" with chopping board/removable tray attached to the front panel and high temperature laser thermometer
  • Pack "Gourmet" with a waiter for 5 items, wooden spatula and ash bin
  • Pack "Mijote" with one insulating door and an ash bin
  • Fireguard, to save on cooking space and improve wood combustion.

Discover our recipes with Alfred!

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