Alfred: ready-to-assemble outdoor wood-burning oven 

10 year warranty

For example, Alfred can bake :

  • 2 Ø 28 cm
  • 3 Ø 30 cm
  • 3 kg of

Enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking over a wood fire in any season

The Alfred wood-burning oven is THE recipe for spending good times with family or friends, all year round.

After a preheating time of 30 to 45 minutes, the same as for a barbecue, you can prepare delicious meals with Alfred, while enjoying the spectacle of the flames. What makes this wood-burning oven different is that you can prepare many more recipes than with a simple barbecue!

Leave the oven door open, and you can prepare pizzas and tarts flambées in 2 to 3 minutes. Do you prefer raw seared meat? 4 to 6 minutes are enough to grill skewers, steaks or andouillettes.

Alfred also delights lovers of stewed dishes. Leave the insulating door closed, and you can cook a gratin or lasagna in 30 to 90 minutes without embers or flames. You can also cook a leg of lamb in 3 to 6 hours, bake bread, and even smoke meat or fish. Treat Yourself! After the flames are extinguished, Alfred remains warm for many hours.

An oven at the forefront of design which you will be proud to install on your terrace or in your garden

Alfred is a 100% French creation, imagined, designed and manufactured in the Vosges.

It has been twice awarded by design awards:

  • at the national level by the ACPI by being among the hundred or so finaliste of "the observeur of design (label 2019)"
  • at the international level by the A'Design Award & Competition (Silver A' Design Award in 2019).

Its clean and very contemporary lines hide an authentic wood-burning oven, designed to last a few decades… at least.

After delivery, it only takes an afternoon with a couple of friends to install the oven without masonry or complex assembly. Once installed, Alfred can remain outdoors in summer and winter. As strong as a fir tree, the oven isn't afraid of frost or bad weather.

Like all great chefs, Alfred takes care of the details!

Alfred is the most complete oven in our range of ready-to-assemble ovens, also including the Alf and Fred models.

It also boasts an insulated storage space directly beneath the base which  is perfect for storing dry wood or the accessories that go with your oven (laser thermometer, removable serving tray, etc.).

On the top, the double-skinned flue pipe prevents burns in the event of accidental contact. This flue pipe is topped with a removable and swivelling fume extraction cap.

Alfred includes an accessory pack as standard to help you produce the very best recipes straight away. The  pack consists of a high temperature laser thermometer for perfect cooking straight away, and a removable cutting board. When the dish you're cooking is ready, you fix the board horizontally onto the front panel. When you remove it from the oven, you can place it safely onto the board. Then simply unhook the wooden board which then turns into a serving tray allowing you to present it directly to the table. That's all there is to it!

The characteristics of Alfred, outdoor wood-burning oven with base and integrated storage space

  • Internal vault and base made of refractory chamotte: thickness 4 cm
  • Outer dimensions : W = 0.98 m  D = 1.00 m H = 2.18 m 
  • Interior diameter : 70 cm

  • Cooking room surface : 0.37 m²

  • Weight of the parcel including the equipment : 250 kg

ref : F700DAF 

The equipments delivered with the oven

  • Insulation including thick mineral wool and thick vermiculite plate made in France
  • Cast iron damper
  • Supporting platform in metal on tripod in solid fir wood with jacks for better adjusting
  • Glazed cast iron door
  • Upper and lower shell with protection metal sheet
  • Finishing necklace
  • Double coating exhaust pipe and its swivelling and removable hat
  • Chopping board/tray
  • Laser thermometer
  • Assembly grout
  • Assembly instructions
  • Use and recipe book

Guarantee and after-sales service

The floor and the vault of the Alfred oven are guaranteed for 10 years for domestic normal use throughout the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. For further inquiries or recommended use, do contact us, or one of our authorised dealers.

Available as an option

  • Designer ash box attached to the front panel to gather embers and ashes from the oven
  • Pack "Gourmet" with a waiter for 5 items, wooden spatula and ash bin
  • Pack "Mijote" with one insulating door and an ash bin
  • Fireguard, to save on cooking space and improve wood combustion.

Discover our recipes with Alfred!

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