4 doors for the chargment
Baking room : 10.90 m²
Weight : 7 600 kg

The fire box is placed under the floor. A hole in the floor communicates between the fire box and the baking room.
The cast-iron part  called the throat is moved by hand to lead the flame in several sectors of the baking room. As soon as the required temperature is reached we take off the throat and cover the hole.
This system is of interest in ovens with conveyors whose baking chamber is important because the heat is more homogeneous.
The all-in-one oven includes :
The oven, the throat, the fire box, the table, the metal frame, the smoke outlets and connection, the fold-away door (or the automatic closing door), the light, the complete insulation, the thermometer, the steam system (included the steam device in the vault and copper tank).
Not included : the installation, the decoration around the oven, the smoke exhaust pipe, exhaust of the steam, electricity supply for the light.

French manufacturing.
A five-year warranty (*)

(*) : The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.


Data sheet

Baking space / technical data
Baking room : 10.90 m²
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