Four 1200RBG
  • Four 1200RBG


Vault made of chamotte
Rotating floor Ø 85 cm without any rotating plates
Door 50 cm
Exhaust pipe Ø 200 mm mini (not supplied)
Weight : 607 Kg

CERTIGAZ certification
EU regulation 2016/426 for 'gas appliance'

Novelty: the gas is now programmable.
The burner is on left side of the door. It is regulated by a probe which guarantees an accuracy of temperature in more or less 5°C. The oven is always ready to be used to the appropriated temperature. The rotation of the floor is fast to avoid the pizzas to remain too long beside the flame. According to the power of the flame, the pizza maker can have to turn the pizza. The person in front of the oven, watches and takes out of the oven baked pizzas. 

Accessoiries are delivered with the oven : metallic support, rotating floor, complete insulation, the burner, the electric cabinet and security devices for gas appliance, doors, flue connector and connection part to the exhaust pipe, the ash bin

The assembly, the decoration around the oven, the exhaust pipe and its installation are not included.

Drawing with dimensions is available : Tab "download".

French manufacturing.
A five-year warranty (*)

(*) : The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.


Data sheet

Baking space / technical data
Ø 85 cm rotating floor
New product
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