Baking room: 4.72 m²
Weight : 4 075 kg

The fire box is at the same height as the baking room and on its right or left side.
In this case, unlike in the oven with a lower fire box, there is not throat but a door between the fire box and the baking room.
The all-in-one oven includes :
The oven, the fire box, the table, the metalframe, the flue connectors and connection, the fold-away door (option of automatic door), the light, the insulation, the thermometer, the steam device (included the steam device in the vault and copper tank).
Not included : the installation, the decoration around the oven, the exhaust pipe, exhaust of steam, electricity supply for the light.

French manufacturing.
A five-year warranty (*)

(*) : The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.


Data sheet

Baking space / technical data
Baking room : 4.72 m²
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