Le Flamme: a small pizza and grill oven

10 year warranty

For example, the Flamme can bake :

  • 2 Ø 28 cm
  • 3 Ø 30 cm
  • 3 kg of

The smallest and lightest of the Grand-Mère wood-burning ovens

Quick to heat up, Le Flamme is a small wood-burning oven perfect for open hearth cooking, whenever you want! Thanks to its thinner vault and base, it requires only 30 to 45 minutes of preheating before you can put all manner of pizzas and grills in the oven. It’s perfect for 6 or more guests.

Both outdoors and indoors, Le Flamme is an authentic little pizza oven. You can cook 2 pizzas or 2 flambé tarts 28-29 cm in diameter at the same time. You can also cook a range of other refined dishes rapidly by rapid cooking over a flame :

  • Flame seared meats seared: ribs of beef, pork, sausages, skewers ...
  • Potatoes in the embers
  • Vegetables and fish in foil
  • Fruit au gratin

You can also bake bread and casseroles here.

Are you worried that Le Flamme is sometimes too small for your many guests? Le Grand Flamme, our oven for pizzas and grills intended for large gatherings or fifteen or more. 

Characteristics of the oven

  • Exterior dimensions (including the insulation) : W = 0.91 m; D = 0.87 m; H = 0.50 m
  • Interior diameter : 70 cm
  • Cooking chamber surface : 0.37 m²
  • Thickness of the vault : 4 cm (+6.3 cm mineral wool)
  • Thickness of the floor : 6 cm (+8 cm insulation)
  • Exhaust pipe diameter : 155 mm
  • Brick floor and arch
  • Weight of the oven : 130 kg
  • Weight of the parcel including the equipment : 176 kg.

A single oven block, top and bottom made of pure chamotte : ref F700A

The equipment delivered with the oven

  • Cast iron door
  • Flue connector Ø 155mm with a damper
  • Refractory insulating door
  • The insulation including thick mineral wool and thick vermiculite plate made in France
  • Vault thermoter
  • Assembly grout
  • Assembly instructions 
  • Use and recipe book

The oven hood is a cladding available and optional. 

Guarantee and after-sales service

The Flamme oven is guaranteed for 10 years for domestic normal use throughout the European Union, Great-Britain, Norway and Switzerland. For further inquiries or recommended use, do contact us, or one of our authorised dealers.

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