Usable surface : 1.13 m² weight : 624 kg 
Oven F1200L with gas device

It is fueled by natural gas : flow under 20 mbar : 2.861 m²/h
or with propane gas : flow under 37 mbar : 2.15 kg/h

This oven has been certified by CERTIGAZ, 
EU regulation 2016/426 for 'gas appliance'

Novelty: the gas is now programmable.

Drawing with dimensions is available under "download"

The burner is at the back of the floor and the quality of the baking is the same as with the F1200L wood fired oven.It is possible to use the burner at two different speeds : either to let the bake chamber reach the baking temperature itself or to regulate the temperature in the oven .

Oven F1200LGCAMION includes :
F1200LG + with : 1 burner BP N°3 of 27 KW + 1 ignition kit with an automatic security check + 1 checker of the depression in the flue+ 1 security to avoid the overheating of the vault + 1 temperature bulb in the floor + an automated control panel for the gas heater + a reinforced post + 1 flue connector Ø 180 without any damper + 1 extension part 180/200 + 1 exhaust pipe Ø 230 with a hat + 1 hood made of epoxy resin or 4 sides stainless steel decoration.

French manufacturing.
Guaranteed for 5 years (*) on condition that the oven is set up on the appropriate metal support (reinforced table) manufactured by Four Grand-Mère

(*) : The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.



Data sheet

Baking space / technical data
Baking room: 1.13 m²
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