Nestor for food-truck

The brand new design wood-fired oven for the food-trucks

The combined bread, pizza, grill and stew oven, this wood-fired oven harmoniously combines its traditional brick mouth with the modern lines of its resin shell.

Its metal stand is a reinforced support specifically designed for use on a truck or trailer.

Its design and the spectacle of the fire will give an additional attraction to your food-truck.

External dimensions : B: 1.32 m , T: 1.31 m , H : 2.10 m

NESTOR is based on the F1030 oven, this oven (chamotte floor/ chamotte vault) is ideal for pizzas and grills but can also be used for slower cooked meal.

Useful surface: 0.83 m²

Weight: 435 kg

NESTOR for food-truck includes:

  • the F1030 oven
  • the strapping
  • complete insulation (vault and floor insulation)
  • the outer cast iron door
  • the refractory insulating door
  • the flue connector
  • the necklace
  • the exhaust pipe 'food-truck' with isolation
  • the hat
  • the cladding shell
  • the metal base
  • the reinforced metal stand for food-truck
  • the user and recipe book


The floor and the vault of the Nestor oven are guaranteed  for 5 years for commercial use  throughout the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. 

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