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Bread oven, pizzas, grilled meats, tartes flambées, simmered dishes....

French made

5 year warranty

  • 3 Ø 28cm
  • 2 Ø 30cm
  • 2 Ø 33cm
  • 1 Ø 40cm

Bread oven , pizza oven, tartes flambées ; to simmer or to grill...


With its 8 cm thick wall, this oven allows to bake anything you want. Bricks on the floor are removable and can be changed in case of wear.

References :
F800B : interior vault : Brick
F800C : interior vault made of chamotte , floor and arch made of bricks

The oven is delivered with the assembly grout, the installation instructions, the user and recipe book.

Technical data is available under "download"

Inside diameter : 80 cm
Cooking chamber surface : 0.49 m²
Diameter of the flue : Ø 155 mm             

Weight of the bare oven : 295 kg

The all-in-one oven option oven(F800B+ or F800C+) includes :

  • Oven.
  • Vault and floor insulation.
  • Cast iron door.
  • Insulating door Ø 155 mm flue connector with a damper.
  • Vault thermometer.

Weight of the oven with equipment : 346 kg


French manufacturing.
A five-year warranty*.

* The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.

F800B ou F800C
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