The main advantage of the SUPER PRO range is its suspended vault.

  • 10 Ø 30 cm
  • 13 Ø 28 cm
  • 9 Ø 33 cm

A metal frame is necessary to suspend the vault in the center. This design allows to get several dimensions and shapes of ovens . Ovens are proposed with a vault made of refractory concrete (Chamotte) and only on request with a vault made of Bricks.  

Baking room : 1.53 m²

The floor is paved with 33x33x6 cm bricks  

The door is 50 cm wide (we supply  60 cm wide door on request with additional price).

proposed Options : 
- 2 doors
- Steam device for the baking of bread
- Raised height inside the oven = 31.5 cm

Option "with equipment":

The all-in-one oven includes :  oven, metal frame, vault and floor insulation, cast iron door, insulating door,  180 mm flue connector with a damper
Weight of the set with equipment : 747 kg

French manufacturing.
A five-year warranty (*)

(*) : The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Swirterland.


Data sheet

Baking space / technical data
Baking room: 1.53 m²
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