Pizzas turn on the rotating floor Ø 120 cm

This oven works in the same way as the oven with rotating trays.
This rotating sole oven bakes pizzas of different sizes.
The rotation is fast. Pizzas will pass in front of the flame several times . If the flame is too strong, you will probably have to turn the pizza. It is up to you to decide what to do by checking the pizzas.
Technical data is available under"download"

F1200RSP: Oven with rotating floor made of bricks 33*33*6

The all-in-one set includes the following :
Oven equipped with a rotating floor and rotating trays.
Metal support,
A motor reducer 0,18 kW with speed variator
A cast iron door 50 cm
A refractory insulating door  50 cm
The upper insulation in 88 mm thick mineral fiber
The lower insulation vermex (vermiculite + reinforced cement), 
two Ø 180 mm flue connectors + connection part 180/200 mm
A grid 200 x 200
An ember shield
A pump with grease

Weight of the set : 1286 kg

Optional: delivery of the assembled oven, in case it is possible to deliver it on a truck with a tailgate and a fork lift truck (if the door is wide enough, if there are no stairs or doorsteps). 
Installation, casing, supply and installation of the main pipe are not included.

French manufacturing.
A five-year warranty (*)

(*): The warranty is extended to parts for commercial use within the EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.




Data sheet

Baking space / technical data
Ø 120 cm rotating floor
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