The assembly of a "tradition" oven from Four Grand-Mère

How to install your Grand-Mère oven ?

Your oven Grand-Mère is delivered as a kit.

All the materials and equipment described below are supplied with the oven in the version “with equipment”, except for the stand.
It is therefore easy to assemble and you receive it with detailed and illustrated installation instructions.

Here are the main assembly steps for the Tradition range (Marmiton, Campagnard and Gourmet models):

  1. Build the oven stand
    The stand should be made of masonry or steel. The working surface of the oven (floor) is generally at 1.20 m off the ground. (this height must be adapted to how tall you are).
    Dimensions of the stand are mentioned in the supplied assembly instructions.
    Four Grand-Mère can also supply a concrete or metal stand suited to your oven
  2. Installation of the floor
    Position the supplied insulation plate, then place the concrete part of the floor on it and now, you can install the refractory bricks edge to edge.
  3. Vault assembly
    The vault (is made of one or two parts depending on the oven) and is placed on the floor as soon as you have put a mix water-powder seal all around the perimeter of the floor. The grout assures proper sealing of the installation.
  4. The bricked arch assembly
    The compound mix between the arch and the vault assures the proper sealing.
  5. The cast iron door assembly
    The cast iron door is fixed to the arch with the screws provided.
  6. The exhaust pipe installation
    The flue connector with a damper is supplied (version « with equipment »). It is set with the studs provided for this purpose and will be able to support a 160 mm diameter pipe.
  7. The vault thermometer
    On the right side of the door, do insert the shank of the thermometer in the hole inside the vault.
  8. Vault insulation
    2 coats of high temperature mineral fiber with aluminium foil are supplied.
  9. Finishing
    Outdoors, the cladding material must protect the oven from the inclement weather (rain).
    We propose a few realisations inside or outside the house.
    We also offer a hood suitable for installation in the house as well as in the garden.
    The turnkey pack (support / hood / pipe) will also facilitate the installation of your Marmiton or Campagnard.

To help you in this assembly, a slideshow presenting the assembly of a Campagnard oven on a Cart is available on our site.


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